Carrum Sailing and Motor Boat Club ( Lat: 38° 4’26.56″S Lon: 145° 7’13.53″E is a great place to sail and meet others interested in powerboating. Located on the sandy beaches of south-east Port Phillip Bay, just south of the Patterson River. We sail trailerable yachts, off the beach dinghies and catamarans on most Sundays. People of all ages and experience are welcome. Enjoy first-class facilities at our soon to be built clubrooms facing the beach, adjacent to the Carrum Lifesaving Club. We also have social memberships available!


The Carrum Sailing and Motor Boat Club has a long and distinguished history. In 1946 the Patterson River Motor Yacht Club was formed. After 20 years of successful operation it was decided to split the club into the Patterson River Motor Boat Club and the Carrum Sailing Club. These two clubs continued for the next 50 years having separate websites, club premises, and members. 3 years ago the declining memberships, the poor state of both club rooms and the change in demographics. saw the two clubs come together. This was the beginning of the merge combining resources with a view to getting a grant and funding for a new building on the site of the Carrum Sailing Club.

Who We Are

Members come from the local area and further afield. Sailing and motor boating enthusiasts from all walks of life. Families, individuals, young and old enjoy the sport and social activities the club provides. Great friendships have been made and many happy hours on and off the water have been had.