The Boating division holds a fishing competition annually and timed to begin at the start of Snapper season. Originally for snapper fishing only this event has been extended to include other fish species as some members are targeting both salt and fresh water fish both here and interstate. So species such as Snapper, Murray Cod, Trout, Flathead, Spanish Mackerel indeed any that are unlucky enough to be caught by our members are valid entries.

So all you need to enter is a photo of your fish against a ruler so that weight can be estimated and send the photo to the Vice Commodore at to enter.

Fish Biologists have collected vast quantities of length and weight data from a variety of fish species. This has enabled length and weight relationships to be calculated for some fish species which can be used to estimate weight of a fish by measuring its length. Please note that these figures are estimates only and individual fish weight will vary depending on age, sex, season and recent feeding activity.

Measuring length
In some of the conversion tables, fork length measurements have been used while in others, total length has been used. Fork length is measured from the snout to the fork of the tail. Total length is measured from the snout to the tip of the tail.

Remember: Legal lengths (total lengths) are measured from the point of the snout to the tip of the tail.

For table versus weights for individual species please click on the following link.